Jade Beall: Transforming Self Loathing into Self-Love is beautiful

Alexis: "Some of my friends had babies around the same time, and I adored their bodies whether or not they looked the same as they did before having children or not. I loved their soft tummies and their new marks. I thought they were absolutely beautiful. I had set this unrealistic standard for myself, and myself only. It was really emotionally damaging. I was still comparing myself to the women I saw on T.V. when I was 10. The small box of women society deemed beautiful. After I had my 3rd child, I began thinking about needing to fix the way I viewed myself. Around the same time I came across Jade Beall's Facebook page and was in awe! So many vulnerable and totally gorgeous women! They were all so beautiful and I learned that their were women like me. Women who, despite their beauty, strugglewith their bodies. I then decided that I wanted to love myself. It didn't happen overnight and is something I'm still working on. "

Read full article here: http://www.abeautifulbodyproject.com/transforming_self_loathing_into_self_love_is_beautiful

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