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Pregnancy photo shoot | Miss B, a hint of California in London

My latest Maternity photo shoot was with very pregnant Miss B. Her Californian background came through in her cosy home and relaxed attitude. Up for anything, we even did a completely nude pregnancy shot 'Demi Moore style'. She looked stunning in that shot but for obvious reasons, we'll keep this one private. Even if the idea of nude pregnant photo shoot makes you cringe, I often advise my client, not to rule it out completely for two reasons: When you are pregnant, the relationship you have with your body often change and it often happens that women become more accepting of their shape. Strangely being in the nude during a maternity photo shoot, doesn't feel the same anymore. Although you might be wary of taking you clothes off in front of a maternity photographer, if the photographer makes you feel comfortable you might not have any issue with it on the day. When I photograph my pregnant clients, it's all very low key. There's a lot of chatting, a lot of laughing and by the end of the pregnancy photo shoot, they usually feel ok taking their clothes off in front of me. Want your own Demi Moore shot? ;-)

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