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Pregnancy photo shoot | Miss S in her cosy cottage

I met pregnant Miss S in her cosy cottage surrounded by woods in Sheffield. When we were planning the maternity photo shoot over the phone, Miss S told me she loves printed fabrics with a hippy feel. So we decided to incorporate this idea in her pregnancy portrait. The cosiness and quietness of the house really comes through in the pictures. The nearby woods where we took some couple photos with the lovely Mister J also offers a beautiful background. If you leave nearby a park or have a garden we can always pop out for a little outdoor maternity photo session. If we feel we have all the maternity pics we want indoors we can go out for the last 30min of the shoot for a bit of outdoor maternity photography. Foliage, open skies and water offers a nice variety of backgrounds and the light quality is often really good. If it's a sunny day we can play with light flares, shadows, etc and bring some fresh and colours to the pregnancy pictures.

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