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Newborn photography | From bump to baby

I had the pleasure to photograph pregnant Miss M a couple of months ago. Her lovely little man was just 7 days old when we took the baby photos. Baby B was a real pleasure to work with. Before 10 days, babies are in a very deep sleep which makes baby photo shoots easier on everyone (baby, mummy and me!). It much easier to photograph them without disturbing them. They also still have the flexibility to form lovely curled poses like in their mums' belly which makes the cutest baby photos. Rather than bringing a set of generic baby photography props, I ask parents to select rugs, cover, fabrics, little hat and shoes that belong to them and are part of the little one surrounding. I have little hats and fabrics that I bring in case there is nothing there but I found we get a much personal newborn photos and baby photos when we use the baby own props. Look at this little poser!

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