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Pregnancy photo shoot | Miss C's cosy winter home

It felt really nice to be shooting in Miss C's cosy home while the temperature were dropping outside. We opted for classy simple lines and colours for a very elegant about to pop mum. I am often asked advise about what to wear for a maternity photo shoot. My advise is to select a few options that are a mix of different textures (silky, wooly, velvety, jean, etc) and have simple colours (beige, blues, black, white, greys). Prints are often trickier in pregnancy pictures and except for a few exceptions, they tend to hide what we are here to photograph: the pregnant bump! But one essential item to the pregnant portrait is the tight little black dress. I'm planning to do a post on this very soon as I believe this is THE item that should be on every maternity shoot. It doesn't matter what's your body type, how big is your bump or if you've ever worn a tight black dress before. You will look fantastic in it.

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