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Newborn photography | Christmas pudding anyone?

Merry Christmas everyone! I had the chance to photograph this lovely little newborn pudding and his big brother just before Christmas. Newborn photography requires patience and flexibility. The little ones needs feeding , burping, nappy changing, sleeping and lots of cuddles (which I'm always up for providing ;-) ). As much as we like planning, it's all very unpredictable. Over a 3 hours newborn photo shoot we sometimes get only 30/45min of quiet sleeping baby time to photograph her in the pretty curly poses. The rest of the time, we improvise. This can mean switching to candid photography style and photographing baby in mummy and daddy's arms or snapping away while she's feeding . BUT when there's a big brother around, full of energy and in needs of attention, then there's lots of fun to have and no time to get bored for the photographer.

To book your newborn and/or children photography photo shoot, click here.

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