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Pregnancy photo shoot | Tips on what to wear

For your maternity photo shoot, it's important to wear what you feel comfortable in but it's also the opportunity to try new things and maybe go outside of your comfort zone. Here are a few tips on what to wear. For more idea on what to wear, check out the pregnancy gallery here.

1. The tight little black dress

When you are pregnant there are 2 options: you either choose to buy clothes in XL or go for tight outfits that emphasize your pretty bump. Maybe you've never dared to wear a tight dress but for your pregnancy photo shoot, your bump is the star and needs to be in the spotlight. so the little tight dress is THE item I

recommend. You can achieve beautiful shapes through curved poses, nice back lit shadow images and really show off your bump.

2. Cosy knitwear

An other star item of clothing for maternity photo shoots are knitwears. Pregnancy is all about trying to be as comfortable as possible, creating a cosy nest for the new arrival and giving your body as much love as possible. A comfy knitwear not only reflects this mood but also looks great over some nice simple underwear. choosing rich fabrics and chunky knits will also look amazing in black and white which is all about textures. Favour light tones such as beige, soft pink, light grey, light blue. etc.

3. Maxi flowy empire dress

Of course, there's nothing as feminine as a long flowy empire dress. It emphasizes that beautiful baby bump and covers up any areas you'd rather not show off. Try to avoid busy patterns that can be too distracting and favour natural soft colours such as beige, soft pink, grey, light blue, etc.

4. textures, textures, textures...

Black and white photography offers a unique perspective on many subjects. Removing colour brings out the hidden details, textures, and shapes. try to have a selection of different fabrics such as satin, silk, knitwear, velvet, see-though and why not a glittery top...

5. See through fabrics

Maybe the very tight clothes are not your thing so in order to show off your beautiful belly you can opt for see through fabrics. Either in the shape of a top or as a wide piece of fabric behind which you can bare it all.

6. Bare it all!

Yep! There's nothing like your birthday suit. When your pregnant, the relationship with your body might change completely. If you love your pregnant body then take a chance and do a Demi Moore. Believe me, it's very liberating.

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