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Children photography | May the fun begin!

They say 'Don't work with children and animals'. True, children photography requires patience, energy, flexibility and creativity. So I don't know about animals but I say 'Do work with Children' as long as you know the golden rules of children photography. Here are some of them:

1- MAKE IT FUN! You will not hold the little one's attention for the full length of the photo shoot by asking him/her to pose and smile. The photo shoot must be fun. I always ask my client about the type of game and activities their child likes and we try to have some of these lined up and switch between them as soon as we feel like we need a distraction.

2- YOUR CHILD IS THE BOSS. "Yes mummy and daddy will sprinkle confetti over your head while your twirl like a princess for the 20th time. Yes daddy will throw you up in the air again and again even if his arms hurts, because it makes you laugh. Yes you will get to lick the windows if it looks good on camera, even if they've just been cleaned." During the 2 hour photo shoot, we forget the rules and we have fun.

3- MAKE A MESS. Confetti just look to pretty not to use them and jumping in puddles is too much fun not to do it. Just be aware that you will have to clean the house after the shoot, but it will be all worth it.

4- BRIEF YOUR BABY. Get your child excited about the photo shoot. Let you little one know that a slightly odd lady with a strange French accent is coming to play with them and take lots of nice images. Explain that it will be a lot of fun and maybe get them to think about outfit they'd like to wear and things they'd like to do while being photographs.

5- DRESS UP. Don't hesitate to have several outfit lined up and the dressing up box ready.

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Check the children photography portfolio here.

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